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Best Pressure Washer

by Ryder

Grime might accumulate to the point where regular cleaning solutions can’t remove it. That’s where a pressure washer comes in handy. A pressure washer will not only clear the filth, but will also eliminate it. A joe can easily use it. If you are not careful you could delete the surface you’re trying to clean. What to know before buying a pressure washer?

Gas vs. electric power

Pressure washers are powered by gas or either by electricity.

Gas Powered:

Gas pressure washers are those which use gasoline as a fuel and they have the potential to be the most powerful. They aren’t tethered to an outlet, so they can more easily reach problem areas. They are way heavier than the electric washers, making them more difficult to movel. Gas pressure washers are also more expensive, and they must be refueled, which becomes a high recurring cost.Gas powered washers have a PSI range of 2,000-3,200. They’re best suited to clean siding, fences and also to remove old paint from walls. Commercial gas-powered washers have a PSI range of 3,200-4,500+. They’re best suited to stripping anything and everything that’s on a surface.

Electrically Powered:

Electric pressure washers are those which use electricity for their functioning. They usually have low power as compared to the gas pressure washers. In order to use them, they must be connected to a power source, which can limit their ability to clean certain areas. Some cordless electric models are available, but these are even weaker than corded models. Weaker pressure does make them suited to delicate tasks. They’re usually much lighter, too, making them more easily manipulated. They’re also less expensive and have negligible recurring energy costs. Pressure washers are graded according to their pressure ranges.Electric washers have a PSI(Pressure Square Inch) range of 1,000-2,000. They work best to clean the delicate items such as cars, patio, and furniture.


All the pressure washers come with a set of nozzles that can change the pressure of your washer to clean best in different situations. They’re usually color coded from weakest to strongest: black, white, green, yellow and red. Black nozzles have little pressure and allow for mixing your cleaner with the water. White nozzles do have low pressure for gentle cleaning. Green is a little stronger for cleaning lightly caked grime, while yellow is strong enough to remove the old paint from walls or other objects. Red nozzles are the strongest and they blast the water into a single beam strong enough to cut through many materials.


The prices of gas and electric power washers are different. Gas powered washers are stronger than electric washers.Electric washers typically run between $75-$300 or sometimes more, with most costing around $200. Gas-powered models typically cost between $200-$500, with commercial models reaching highs in the thousands.


If you need washers for small cleaning purposes such as washing cars then you should go with electric washers because they are economical. If you need a high duty washer then a gas powered washer would be the best choice.

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