You Never Outgrow Your Nana

You Never Outgrow Your Nana

“You Never Outgrow Your Nana”

Nana, Grandma, Nonna, Nonni, Gram, Granny, Me-Ma.  What a wonderful title to have regardless of what she is called.  All grandmas are special. This remains true even as grandkids get older.

As a child, life was always good at my Nana’s house, where everything was ok and allowed, where I got to eat her homemade wonderful macaroni and cheese, where I got away with a little mischievous behavior and where my little secrets that I shared with her were safely stored in her memory and in her heart.  For me, my Nana was like my mother, only cooler!

What comes to mind when you think of your Nana?  I’ve asked a few friends who are mom and dads themselves and this is what they had to say:

“I remember when she used to cook wonderful Italian food especially rice balls!” – Denise Auerbacher

“The gum she kept in her top dresser drawer in her room that she gave me every time I went over.” – Matthew Patella

“My lunch every day when I was little was a tomato and mayo sandwich and sometimes just a mayo sandwich.  She loved the hell out of me and I just knew it.” – Patti Romano Linfante

“I think of her protection, guidance, encouragement, and love. – Joanne Ammirata Sallie

“No matter when I went to her house, the black cast iron frying pan was on the stove and she was frying meatballs.  She would stick a fork in one and hand it over!” – Debbie Patella

“My grandmother was the keeper of family records, a historian. She knew the lineage of both sides of the family up to every detail.  She passed away a year before I was married.   And although my mother listened to most of these stories, most of this history died with her.” – John Tully III

“At 3 p.m. every day, she made espresso for her and her 88-year-old next-door neighbor.   They would drink coffee, tell stories and laugh.  I would always think to myself how wonderful it was that my grandmother, who was in her 80s, still had such a good friend at that age.” – Tricia Vecera Patella

“My maternal grandma lived close to us and I loved to sleep over at her house.  She would do my hair and nails, and make hot tea with milk and sugar cubes.  Then we would cuddle on the couch and watch TV.” – Tiffany Buck

“Our grandmother was the definition of love and our biggest fan.  A cheerleader without the pom-poms.  Maybe the pom-poms were her fried meatballs every Sunday morning for breakfast.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that her 10 grandchildren knew we were special because of her love.” – Jodi Inga Quinn

“The first thing my grandma would do when you walked into her house was FEED you.  “No” was not an option. Once you gave into one thing, another was added to it.  And then came the butter.  Everything needed butter.  She was wonderful.  A magnificent Polish woman who immigrated to the USA by herself when she was just a young lady.  I am blessed to have all of my memories with Namie.” – Patty Kabick

“My son loves his maternal grandmother so much, she has cooked 3 semesters worth of meals for him.  He comes home just to reload.  He thinks she is beautiful and is convinced she is going to live forever.  He’s 22 and she’ll be 80 in a few months.  If only that could be true.” – Adelina Lupinacci

“Pure unconditional love”. – Patty Ravaschiere

“My paternal grandmother lived with us.  I would sneak into her bedroom to sleep with her when she was saying her prayers.  She would kneel in front of her chair and thank God and tell him she was “ready” to join him.  Scared the heck out of me every time!” – Faye Kipp

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Blog Article was written by Janine Acceturo with the help of many friends who provided special memories of their Nanas! Thank you for all those who took the time.

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